Commercial Backflow Prevention Testing, Repairs, and Installation


Is your company’s backflow prevention system up to date on its annual tests? Are you constructing a new place of business or renovating your current one and need experienced plumbers to help you install a backflow prevention system? Some types of companies that legally require backflow prevention systems in their buildings include, but are not limited to: restaurants, car washes, dry cleaners and any commercial building three stories or higher. If you run or are working on the construction of a building for one of these businesses, Pipeworx Plumbing is here to help.

A functioning backflow prevention system is crucial to protecting the clean water supply of your community. This is why in Sanford, a certified tester and licensed plumber, like those at Pipeworx Plumbing, are required to test and repair backflow prevention systems.

Situations that result in backflow contamination often involve a sudden change in pressure or usage on either end of the system. Some events that can create conditions where backflow is possible include the opening of a fire hydrant, a broken water main, or failure of a municipal station.

The installation, testing, and if necessary, repairs performed on backflow prevention systems must be performed by a certified tester and licensed plumber. Many members of the Pipeworx Plumbing team have earned these certifications and are qualified to work on your backflow system.

If your business is in need of backflow prevention testing or repairs, please contact Pipeworx Plumbing today. Additionally, if you are building a new business and  need a backflow prevention system, our team is qualified to do installations as well. We are proud to serve businesses throughout Sanford, Lee County, Pittsboro, and southwestern Wake County.