Sanford NC Residential Backflow Prevention Testing, Repairs, and Installation


Have you received a notice informing you that your backflow prevention device is due for testing? Were you even aware that your home or irrigation system had a backflow prevention unit? Or, are you working on a new project in Sanford, and have been informed that backflow prevention will be required?

Are you wondering what a backflow prevention system is? The short answer is that it is a device (or series of devices) that prevent potentially hazardous water from back siphoning up and cross-contaminating the clean water supply. In practice, for homes, this usually means keeping contaminated water out of the city or county’s clean water supply, which is very important. This is why in Sanford, a certified tester & licensed plumber, like those at Pipeworx Plumbing, are required to test and repair backflow prevention systems.

Situations that result in backflow contamination often involve a sudden change in pressure or usage on either end of the system. Some events that can create conditions where backflow is possible include the opening of a fire hydrant, a broken water main, or failure of a municipal station.

The installation, testing, and if necessary, repairs performed on backflow prevention systems have to be done by a certified tester and licensed plumber. Many members of the Pipeworx Plumbing team have earned these certifications and are qualified to address your backflow system.

If your home is in need of backflow prevention testing or repairs, please contact Pipeworx Plumbing today. Additionally, if you are working on a new project and have been told that you will need a backflow prevention system, our team is qualified to do installations as well. We are proud to serve residents of Sanford, Lee County, Pittsboro, and southwestern Wake County.