Cary, NC — Residential/Commercial Plumbing Services

Pipeworx Plumbing offers residential and commercial plumbing services in Cary, NC. Pipeworx’s services include water heater installation and repair, drain cleaning and sewer line inspections, backflow testing and repair, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and more. Pipeworx Plumbing is licensed and insured, so customers can be sure they will receive quality and dependableservice. Cary customers can expect upfront pricing and the latest technology used during service performance. Reputation and customer satisfaction is important to Pipeworx. Customers of Cary, NC can expect plumbing work to be done correctly and timely.


Cary, NC is a growing town outside of our state’s capital that continues to grow each year at a rapid pace. This rapid pace development has resulted in Cary being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state. This community is full of residents and businesses who are constantly changing and updating their homes and business places. As many new developments continue to expand and be built, Pipeworx Plumbing is proud to serve both residents and business customers in Cary.  If you have any questions about our business or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.