Sanford NC Commercial Drain Cleaning (Hydro-Jetting) and Maintenance


When Sanford, Lee County, and Pittsboro businesses need to get their clogged drains clear, or want to stay ahead of potential blockages with regular maintenance, Pipeworx Plumbing is the right call.

Our experienced team of plumbing professionals have years of experience and are trained on the latest tools and techniques to keep businesses water and profits flowing. While a clogged drain at home is an annoyance, blocked drainage lines can costs businesses money by forcing them to close their doors.

Pipeworx’s Hydro-Jetting services are often the best solution for cleaning clogged pipes as this procedure allows us to more fully clear blockages without damaging the pipes in any way. Getting annual or regular drain cleaning can be a great way for blockage-prone businesses (such as restaurants, hotels, hair salons, daycares, etc.) to stay ahead of drainage problems.

If your business is located in Sanford, Lee County, Pittsboro, Harnett County, or Southwestern Wake County and you’re experiencing slow or stopped drains, please contact Pipeworx Plumbing today. We will work with you and your customers to determine the best solution to your drainage issues and get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Check out our videos below! In the first one, we give a demonstration of cleaning a drain with an auger. In the second, we show how we use our Hydrojetter to clear a clog and show why the Jetter is better.