Sanford NC Residential Sewer Camera Inspections


When it comes to diagnosing plumbing problems, waterproof sewer cameras are an invaluable tool for our plumbers here at Pipeworx Plumbing. Using specially-designed flexible cameras, our technicians can pinpoint the source of your problem no matter where in or under your house it is located.

When used in conjunction with our hydro jet drain clearing technique, a sewer camera can provide instant feedback on the process, ensuring a thorough and safe drain-cleaning experience.

Whether you have a specific problem you need confirmation of or you have no idea where the source of your issues originates, Pipeworx is happy to help.

We are proud to serve residents of Sanford, Lee County, Pittsboro, and southwestern Wake County. Contact Pipeworx Plumbing today to schedule your video inspection, or call us 919-775-1019.